Growing a healthy garden with the help of a rain water tank

Whether you are trying to grow a flower garden, a vegetable garden or another type of garden in the Sydney area, you may be struggling with the issue of water. slimline steel water tank by the houseLike many other areas of Australia, Sydney has a naturally arid climate. Many local residents will rely on some amount of rainfall to keep their vegetation hydrated and vibrant with health, but natural rainfall often does not provide the amount of needed moisture in regular intervals. For example, the area may receive several inches of rain one week, and it may not rain again for many more weeks. While some residents supplement rainwater with tap water from the hose, a better solution may be to use rain water tanks

Ample Water

A water tank can be installed on your property and connected to your roof’s gutter systems. The rain that falls onto the roof will flow into the gutters, and tanks like poly tanks, steel tanks or slimline tanks will collect and hold the water until you need to use it. A significant amount of rain that falls onto a property will run off and will not be absorbed into the ground. During a heavy rain event, the ground may receive more water than your plants can use. Both of these factors can result in inefficient use of rainwater. With rain water tanks, however, you can control the amount of rain water that your plants receive in an efficient manner while ensuring that you have ample water available.

Affordable Water

Another factor that may be affecting how much water your garden receives is the cost associated with using tap water. You may have an abundant supply of municipally treated water from your pipes, but this water does have a cost associated with it. When you store rain water in steel tanks, underground tanks (see here: or other types of water tanks, you can keep your own supply of free water to draw from as needed. Landscaping and garden water use is among the most significant uses of water on many properties, and using rain water tanks can help you to save money on your water bills while ensuring that your plants have all of the water they need to thrive.

Healthy Water

Municipally treated water may contain a number of chemicals in it that may not be found in rain water. These chemicals include fluoride, chlorine and others. While your plants can still benefit from the use of tap water for hydration, these and other chemicals found in plants can make it more difficult for plants to absorb water. This may be one of the reasons why your yard looks more vibrant and healthy after a good rain event than it does after you water it with tap water. With water tanks, you can provide your plants with healthy water on a regular basis.

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